Middle School Counseling Vision and Mission

The vision of the Souderton Area Middle School Counseling Program is to be successful collaborators with all stakeholders and advocates for all students. As an advocate for all students, we will work diligently to find any disparities that may exist and create opportunities for students to be happy and successful in school. More specifically, we believe in following a comprehensive model for school counseling that focuses on collecting meaningful data in order to continually improve and monitor our school counseling program. Our vision as school counselors is to be a positive influence on the school community by creating partnerships with faculty and staff, parents, and community resources. We envision that by working with all of these stakeholders, the students of the school will be even better supported in order to create positive relationships with one another and accomplish their academic and post-secondary goals.

The mission of the Souderton Area Middle School Counseling Program is to support all students in their journey towards academic and personal/social growth, while also providing them with the opportunity to gain knowledge and an increased awareness of post-secondary and career options. We strive to create a positive school climate where all students can thrive and learn, as they prepare for a successful future.