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Middle Level Curriculum Overviews:

Middle School Program of Studies (course descriptions):
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Middle Level Mission Statement: To meet the needs of the middle level students, the staff, parents, and community of Souderton Area School District are firmly committed to promoting a program which offers a balance between academic excellence and socio-emotional development of all students, and one which fosters lifelong learning, respect for the rights of others, and good citizenship.

Indian Valley Essential Learning Goals

We expect our students to be:

  • Complex thinkers, who can reason, reflect, make decisions, and solve problems while supporting and defending their solutions.
  • Self-directed learners who can set and prioritize goals, monitor and evaluate progress, use information resources and emerging technologies, and adapt to change.
  • Effective and creative communicators who use a variety of skills to express concepts and ideas.
  • Informed and responsible citizens who contribute to their community, their country, and their world.
  • Collaborative workers who can demonstrate cooperation and leadership within groups to accomplish a common goal.
  • Quality producers whose work reflects high standards, originality, and unique abilities.
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