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IV Eagle Flyby - March 15, 2024

IV Art Displayed at the Youth Art Month Exhibit at IVPL
Amazing student works of art from Mrs. Nolan’s class are displayed at the Indian Valley Public Library through the end of March. A reception held on Thursday, March 14, 2024, was a huge hit and art from across the district was appreciated by family, friends, and the community.  

Indian Valley students represented in the show include:

  • 8th grade artisans Cameron Bauer, Lilly Oskowitz, Katherine Wagner, Cara Renner, Maya Miller, Tyler Gunning.
  • From 7th grade, Alexis McKenna, Lian Righter, Baileigh Hanes, Zoe Mamzic, Megan Houck, Priya Patel, Heidi Moyer, Emily Black, Sadie Miller, Alex Shockley, Ben Rogers, Zoe Kuhlen, Eli Pollack, Emily Black, Isla Hennessy, Ethan Seo, Madison Truskowski, Aubrey Ingersoll, Brady Huckle, Isabella Bernardo, Keyton Wenrich, Katie Schindele, Lana Messina, Connor Mehaffey, Lilly Ortiz, Gabriella Kinch, Violet Wilson, Jack Millinghausen, Logan Simpkins, Ella Brewer, Arushi Patel.
  • From 6th grade, Benjamin Shenko, Jimmy Kash, Tiana Johnson, Keira Burkett, Kha'Layah Tabourn, Peyton Wrigley, Jack Palde, Courtney Rossi, Emma Raslowsky, Gabby Bendas, Max Roberts, Gunner Haring, Blake Spencer, Maggie Markus, Natalie Clemmer, Fionn Shelly, Reina Feliciano, Jason Baruti, Camila Martinez Sanchez, Dawson Thomsen, Jack Palde, Allie Bargher, Cate McDonald, Emelia Lockwood, Olivia Davis, Julia Kauffman, Sloane Entenmann, Shannon Strunk, Sudena Rajkumar, Peyton Wrigley.

A HUGE shoutout to these students and all the other students at Indian Valley who are making so many amazing pieces of artwork that Mrs. Nolan had to be picky and choosy on who to take to the show, and still took way too many!

Spring Sports Start on Monday, March 18th  
A couple of quick notes as we prepare for the first week of tryouts/practices. Contact Mrs. Courtney Lepping, IV Athletic Director, at or call the main office at 215-256-8896.

  • Morning parent drop-off:
    • We will have additional traffic at the parent drop off in the morning.  Please make sure to pull all the way forward before unloading.  Stopping at the path backs traffic up on Maple Ave.
  • Picking up after practice and games:
    • Park your vehicle and pick up your child closest to their field of play.  They will have all their gear with them.  Track will pick up on the E-wing side of the building.
  • Pickup/Practice times: 
    • All practices will conclude between 4:30 - 5:00.  Please arrive promptly.  Coaches will share out more specific information once they meet with their teams on Monday, March 18.
  • Equipment: 
    • It is highly recommended to use a locker for any valuable items being brought in.  See Mrs. Nice for a locker combo.  Our hallway storage closet by the gym will be utilized for softball and lacrosse. All athletic equipment will be locked during the day.  Our baseball and track members can access the locker rooms to store their equipment in the mornings.
  • FamilyID: 
    • Please register on FamilyID.  Information was sent out in the beginning of March regarding the process. Your diligence in getting all paperwork turned in promptly is appreciated.  All students must have their physical form completed and submitted to Mrs. Lepping prior to the start of practices on March 18.  (Section 8 is not required).

IV Greenhouse Construction Begins
This week we began building the greenhouse purchased through a grant from the Indian Valley Education Foundation (IVEF). Special thanks to Mr. Fluck, Mr. Hockman, Mrs. Thomas, and the IV building and grounds team for helping with the assembly of the greenhouse. Assembly is expected to be completed by Friday, March 22.

Upcoming Activities

  • March 18 – Spring Sports Begin
  • March 19 – Spring Portraits and Music Groups Photos
  • March 20 – FCA Morning Meeting and Select Choir Morning Practice
  • March 21 – Reading Olympics Competition 6:00 at Souderton Area High School

Please see the IV Web site calendar to connect and check out events for February and beyond. 

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