PSSA Testing - Spring 2021

In compliance with Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSE), the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) requires all public-school districts in the Commonwealth to administer the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) in English language arts, mathematics, and science. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the dates of the testing window for the 2020-2021 school year were expanded by PDE to provide schools with more flexibility regarding when to administer the assessment. All testing, including for SAOA students, must occur in-person and schools "are expected to make a good faith effort to test all eligible students within the parameters of local health and safety plans."

  • Note that In-Person students and SAOA students will not be mixed together for the assessments. Proctors for the test will also not be mixed. o In-Person Teachers will administer the test to In-Person students.
    • SAOA teachers will administer the test to SAOA students.
    • Student arrival and start / end times of the assessment will be staggered on the testing dates.
      • In-Person students will arrive at the regular start time following morning drop off procedures.
      • SAOA students participating in the test will arrive between 7:45 AM and 8:00 AM entering at the front of the building. Parent pick up after the test will be at 10:00 AM in the front of the building.
  • • Important Note: After the completion of the allocated time for a test:
    • In-Person students will resume classes.
    • SAOA students, after returning home, will resume classes synchronously following a revised scheduled. Dr. Heller will be sending out the PSSA synchronous schedule to the SAOA parents, teachers, and students.

Important Information All parents are encouraged to use this link to connect to important information regarding the bulleted items below:

  • Parent Letter about Electronic Devices
  • PA Calculator Policy o Note: Students should use their own calculator when taking the PSSA Test. However, a calculator will be provided if needed.
  • Code of Conduct for Test Takers
  • Parent FAQ’s
  • Opt-Out Procedures
    Note: All parents or guardians that select the opt out option due to religious beliefs must request in writing that your child be excluded from participation and must sign the Parent Confidentiality Agreement in person at the main office.

PSSA Test Dates for Indian Valley Middle School Below are the dates for the administration of the PSSA Test at Indian Valley Middle School.

ELA PSSA Test Administration (3 sections)

  • Tuesday, April 20 – Section 1
  • Wednesday, April 21 – Section 2
  • Thursday, April 22 – Section 3
  • Friday April 23 and Monday, April 26 are make-up days for the ELA PSSA Test

Math PSSA Test Administration (2 sections)

  • Tuesday, April 27 – Section 1
  • Wednesday, April 28 – Section 2
  • Thursday, April 29 and Friday, April 30 are make-up days for Math PSSA Test

8th Grade Science PSSA Test Administration (2 sections)

  • Tuesday, May 4 – Section 1
  • Wednesday, May 5 – Section 2
  • Thursday, May 6 and Friday, May 7 are make-up days for the 8th Grade Science PSSA Test

Please contact the main office at 215-256-8896 with question regarding the 2021 PSSA test.

Jeff Pammer, Ed.D., Principal Indian Valley Middle School
Catherine Heller, Ed.D., Principal Souderton Area Online Academy (SAOA)