Boys Basketball Tryouts - Jan. 12, 2021

Boys Basketball Tryouts continue on Tuesday, January 12th, 2021, for all signed up student athletes in 7th and 8th grade.

  1. First round of cuts will occur tomorrow after tryouts. Student athletes being cut will individually meet with the coach after 4:30 pm. Tryouts will continue for the rest of the athletes Wednesday.
  2. Tryouts end at 5pm. Please remember to pack lots of water!
  3. For boys signed up unable to attend tryouts due to Quarantine or COVID related issues, please see the following directions to submit your video tryout:
    • • Total length of the video should not exceed 10 minutes
    • • 3-4 minutes of Ball Handling/ Dribbling
      • Crossover, Between the legs, Behind the back, etc.
    • • 3-4 minutes of Shooting at different areas on court
      • Outside shots, Foul shots, bank shots, layups, etc.
      • Two man shooting
    • • 3-4 minutes Your Choice
      • What do you want the coaches to know about you or see you do
      • Include some 1 v 1 action here if possible (versus Mom/Dad/Brother etc.)
  4. Videos should be submitted to Mrs. Lepping prior to the end of the week. Include your name, grade level, and date expected to return when submitting. ( or you can share to Google (
  5. First game of the season will be January 29th. Please see the following link for the most up to date "live" schedule information: Winter Sports Schedule

Please contact Mrs. Lepping, if you have any additional questions.