Indian Valley Garden Help

On Earth Day our Indian Valley Middle Schoolers planted a vegetable garden, again this year, to give back to the community.  The produce that we grow goes directly back to our community.  We are asking for families to sign up to take care of the garden for a week.  At the beginning of the summer you probably will only have to head to the garden twice during the week.  As the summer goes on you may have to go to the garden 3 times.  You will need to weed the garden, water the garden and as the summer goes on take the produce to the Keystone Opportunity in Souderton or the Shepard's Shelf in Harleysville.

You will need to bring tools to weed the garden.  We have buckets that you can place the weeds you collect in and then we started a compost pile in the garden.  There is a key that turns on the water and the hoses are set up.  The address for the different places are the Keystone Opportunity Center:  104 North Main Street Souderton PA and The Shepard's Shelf: 2211 Mainland Road, Harleysville PA (this location is much more limited).  

Please also take pictures and send them to me at or  Dr. Pammer puts them on our Web site.  

Thank you so much for considering to sign up and give back to our community.  Please use the following link to sign up:

Suzanne Thomas and the SAVE Club