Technology Education

Sixth Grade Technology Systems
Class Objective - Technology Systems focuses on technology and the problem solving method. Students will be given an introduction of technology and its four systems; construction, manufacturing, communication, and transportation. Students will assess how science and technology has impacted society and the environment. Students will complete a design challenge that particularly focuses on the problem solving method used in science and technology. The Construction Unit focuses on types of bridges and their construction. Particular attention will be concentrated on types of bridges and bridge vocabulary. Students will be designing their own truss bridge to reinforce the vocabulary. In the Transportation Unit, students will be given an introduction of transportation and its systems; air, land, space, and water. Particular attention will be centered on air transportation, the principles of hot air balloons or fixed wing airplanes.

Seventh Grade Multi Media Technology
Class Objective - Multi-Media Technology is offered for 30 days in an A/B schedule. This class will be taken by every seventh grader as a technology education requirement. The Multi-Media Technology curriculum concentrates on developing problem solving skills while giving the students a working knowledge of various communication technology software and hardware. Students will be instructed on various technologies: Photoshop basics, digital still photography, video photography, digital video editing, scanning images into Photoshop, scaled drawings, and logo design, and label design .They will also be introduced to topographic programs such as Google Earth. Students will utilize all technologies to design their own digital portfolio. They will be asked to collect, scan, and digitally organize pictures and videos; eventually turning the gathered information into a video presentation. During the course, students will keep a digital daily log.

8th Grade Introduction to Engineering
Course Objective – Introduction to Engineering will focus on an exploration in Engineering using Lego® Mindstorms® Edu NXT and an introduction to CAD. (Computer Aided Drafting) The Lego unit is designed to introduce the basics of the NXT as it integrates science, math, technology, and engineering. Students will complete numerous investigations using inquiry, guided research, problem solving, and cooperative learning to navigate their robot to solve the problem. In the CAD unit students will learn the process from a sketch to the computer.