Grade 6
Students enter the world of integrated science using the Constructivist Model of Learning with many “hands-on/minds-on” opportunities. Science is taught the way middle school students learn best through thinking, talking, writing, discovering for themselves, and cooperating on learning teams. Beginning in sixth grade, the students learn to think and write as a scientist. They also learn about the changing Earth, the atmosphere, and water ecosystems.

Grade 7
The seventh grade science course helps students establish the connection between earth and space. It provides students with opportunities to work in a collaborative environment utilizing hands on techniques. From kingdoms of life to cycles of nature, students will gain insight into the interactions and relationships that make life possible. Students will focus on astronomy, patterns of living things, and interactions and diversity of living things.

Grade 8

    • This is an activity-based, hands-on, integrated science course. It includes guided and open-ended investigations, small group discussions, exploratory writings, and reflective reading tasks that help students develop process skills, while learning scientific concepts. One goal is to enable students to understand the interrelationships among science, technology, and society, while developing and understanding important science concepts, processes, and ideas. A second goal is to provide students with the intellectual skills they need to truly understand and apply science.

    The course provides a framework that will help students understand the underlying principles that unite the various science disciplines. Major areas of study include matter and atomic structure, motion, forces and energy, and heredity.

    Students considering honors science should be serious readers and writers with strong literacy skills and math skills. Honors science students are expected to be capable of independent work and to demonstrate higher level critical thinking skills. A component of the honors science course is an independent research project. This opportunity allows the students to develop their scientific thought, investigate a topic of interest, further develop independent work habits, as well as opens the door to future opportunities. The honors units include motion, forces, and energy, with many mathematical computations, heredity, and matter and atomic structure, again with many mathematical computations. To be eligible, students must be currently earning a minimum cumulative grade of an A-. Please note that students must take 8th grade honors science to be eligible to take 9th grade honors science.