Student Council

Welcome to the Indian Valley Middle School Student Council. Student council at our school consists of team representatives and four student council officers. The representatives are picked in each team's social studies classes of sixth, seventh and eighth graders at the start of each year. Classmates vote for the person they think would be a good representative for their class. Our student council is comprised of students who have good grades, are well organized, and display leadership characteristics. The officers for the coming school year are chosen by 6th graders during a school wide election each spring.

Seventh grade students interested in running for student council officer for the following school year would need to do the following:

    They would need to pick up a petition from their Social Studies teacher. They would need the following people to sign their petition: 25 students on their team, and all five major subject teachers; Science, Social Studies, Math, Language Arts, and Reading. They would also need a 3.0 average, or in other words a cumulative B average for the entire school year. They would need to give a speech to their team during a team assembly. Each team then holds a primary, where every 7th grade student elects the top 3 candidates for officer from their team.

The final candidates from each team then campaign in the general election, consisting of writing a one-paragraph description of their attributes and qualifications for being an officer and giving a speech to the entire seventh grade student body. A school-wide general election then determines the following year's student council officers by choosing the top four students with the most votes.