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Athletic Forms / Family ID

The FamilyID portal is the online registration platform to facilitate PIAA clearance paperwork. The Athletics Department no longer accepts hard copy versions of the PIAA clearance paperwork. 

For students to participate, the following steps need to be completed:

  1. Athletic competitions are open to any seventh or eighth grade student.  
  2. For students to participate, the following needs to be completed:
  • Create a FamilyID account
    Complete the registration process and upload a copy of your PIAA Physical (Section 7) to your new FamilyID account. The PIAA Section 7 form must be signed by an Authorized Medical Examiner (MD,DO,PAC,CRNP, SNP).   
  • In order to participate, students must have had a doctor’s physical any time after June 1st of the upcoming school year (i.e. physical is after June 1, 2023 to compete in boys basketball in January 2024)  Speak to your family physician if a physical was done before June 1.   

    *Note: Students who have already provided their PIAA Physical may need to submit Re-Certification by Parent/Guardian (CIPPE Section 8)
  • There is a section to complete the student activity fee.  No fees need to be paid to tryout.  Just hit cancel when you get to that section, and it will take you to the end.  Payment is only necessary after making the team.  The current district cost is $175.00 and will cover a student athlete for the entire year.  Coaches will distribute Student Activity Forms during the first practice.  If finances are an issue, the office can address each case on an individual basis. 

If your student is trying out for a different sport in a subsequent season, all forms must be resubmitted online.   In other words, each season of competition requires online forms to be completed.  You only pay the fee once. 

If you have any problems with the Family ID Portal, please contact their support team at or 1-888-800-5583, ext. 1.

Any questions or concerns can be addressed to our school Athletic Director, Mr. Rick Hess,