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Fall 2022 Sports Information

FOOTBALL: First meeting - September 7th, 2022
FIELD HOCKEY, Co-ed SOCCER, CHEER: Tryouts begin September 12th, 2022

Welcome to Indian Valley Middle School Sports! We love to see our students get involved in representing our school through sports. No previous experience is necessary and tryouts are open to all 7th and 8th grade students (2022-2023).

Important Links:

Important Information

  • PAPERWORK: All athletes must have a completed FamilyID with uploaded physical before being allowed to tryout/practice. During the summer/first week of school students and families should make sure to get their FamilyID information input and upload the CIPPE form PHYSICAL only (Sections 7) A sport physical is required in order to try out. It can be completed at any time after June 1st. It can be printed off the school website but must be uploaded to FamilyID by 9/12/22. No physical paperwork will be collected, digital only!
  • COMMUNICATION: We will primarily be using our Athletics email system from here on out for all communication purposes. Please make sure to utilize the link at the top of this email to subscribe to our IV Athletics e-mails. Practice announcements will be posted to our IV Athletics website by 2:30pm.
  • TRYOUTS: We would love to be able to keep everyone that comes out, but unfortunately we don’t have the resources to do so. Our coaches do their best to choose athletes who have displayed hard work, hustle and talent during the tryouts. Please encourage your students that they've tried their best no matter the outcome. Tryouts typically are the first 3-5 days of practice dates.
  • FOOTBALL PRACTICES: During the first week, the football team will meet to get equipment, start conditioning, and review team requirements. Pickup will be at 4pm on 9/7 outside the gym. Traditional practice times will begin on 9/8.
  • ALL PRACTICES: Practices are every day and will end by approximately 4:45 unless otherwise specified by your coach. We ask that all parents please have students picked up by no later than 5pm.
  • PICKUP: Please pick-up your athlete by their field of play. Football near the stands by the E-Wing. Field Hockey near the outdoor utility shed. Soccer by the basketball hoops/maple trees. Cheer by the gym doors. Please make sure all athletes are picked up by 5pm.
  • GAMES: The game schedule will be posted on the IV Athletics Web site by September 2022.

We know the value and importance of middle school sports. We look forward to kicking off next school year with a great Fall sports season. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may still have. 

Mrs. Courtney Lepping IV Athletic Director