Girls STEM at IV

We are happy to announce that we are starting Girls in STEM at Indian Valley Middle School.  For those of you who are not aware of what STEM stands for it is science, technology, engineering and Math.  Once a month we will be offering hands-on activities after school.  The Girls in STEM will run on either a Tuesday or Thursday.  Some highlighted topics are chemistry, coding, and physics with K-Nex.  Women in our community will be engaging participants in activities related to their STEM profession.  This is not a club, so if you cannot make one month that is perfectly OK.  

The first Girls in STEM activity is scheduled for Tuesday, November 14th.  Mrs. Mowrey, a chemistry teacher from Ursinus College will be coming to our school to do a fun hands on activity dealing with chemistry.  Interested students should see their science or math teacher for permission slip forms.  And if you have any questions contact Ms. Thomas ( or Mrs. Rugel (