Community Service Opportunity - Garden of Health

Community Service Opportunity for IV Students and Families

As you know, the IV SAVE Jr. Club and IV parents and students cultivated our renovated gardens during the summer months and donated all the produce to various food pantries and the cafeteria.  This was huge success mainly due to the IV SAVE Jr. Club the families and students that volunteered and gave their time to pick and deliver the produce to the food pantries throughout the summer months.

After seeing what we did at IV, the local Garden of Health is reaching out and asking for our support.  Garden of Health is a local nonprofit located in Towamencin Township whose mission is to provide fresh produce to low-income families in Montgomery and Bucks Counties. Their goal is to build raised beds and grow produce on an acre of land starting next year and are looking for volunteers to help with the project.  The task at hand is to help build raised beds, fill them with dirt, lay weed block and spread mulch. They are estimating to grow between 10,000 and 20,000 pounds of produce once the beds are completed. Scheduled days for volunteer opportunities are Saturday's from 9-3 and Sunday's from 12-3.  However, this weekend Sunday (10-7) is the only volunteer day. Also, they do not have scheduled volunteer days the weekend of 10/13 and 10-14 but if there is a group that is interested in working that weekend they can set it up.

If interested or for information you can contact Carol Bauer, Founder of Garden of Health, Inc. at or call her at 267-664-4397.

IV Community Service and IV SAVE Jr.