9th Grade Schedule Distribution

Schedules will be distributed to students on Thursday, May 31st.

Please make all requests for current students in grade 8 through the link below.  Students can complete the form after schedules are received.  Each student may complete the form ONE time. Counselors will contact students with a decision regarding their request.  

Course request changes are for corrections only, based on the following criteria:   

1. An inability to schedule a core class (English, SS, Math, Science)
2. An imbalance in a student’s schedule (3 or more core classes in one semester)
3. A course prerequisite is not met
4. An increase in the rigor of a course is desired 
Counselors will work hard to resolve issues.  However, some issues may not be resolved until after the students’ last day.

Below are the assignments of counselors to students for scheduling purposes.

 Grade  Student’s Last Name  Counselor E-mail Address 
 8  A-Lh  Jennifer Toby  jtoby@soudertonsd.org
 8  Li-Z  Lauren Ruth  lruth@soudertonsd.org