IV Community Day - May 25th

The 3rd Annual IV Community Day is on Friday, May 25, 2018.  The event involves students helping in local volunteer opportunities and supporting the Montgomery County SPCA by running/walking in a school wide obstacle course/mud run.

All Indian Valley Middle School students are invited to participate in the obstacle course/mud run located on the school’s property. In order to participate, each student must raise a minimum of $5. The money generated from the event will be donated to the Montgomery County SPCA, the cause chosen by our students in a school-wide survey. Pledges may be donated in the form of a check made out to Indian Valley Middle School or online.

Students will also take part in volunteer work within the community. All students must have a permission slip completed in order to volunteer. More details regarding your child’s individual volunteer assignment will be sent closer to Community Day.

To streamline the permission slips and donations, all information is now online. Please use the links below to complete the permission slip and secure your child’s donation.

Please see the link below for more information:
Thank you for your support in making this day successful. We are grateful that we can dedicate a day to helping others in our community.