Gertrude Hawk Fundraiser - runs through Feb. 16

The IV Gertrude Hawk Spring Fundraiser begins this week. The fundraiser runs until Friday, February 16.  Items can be ordered using the order form included in the brochure or online.  Estimated order pickup date is the week of March 5. Brochures were distributed to students in home base this week. 

Please return all brochure order forms to your child’s home base teacher by Friday, February 16.  Also, all online orders must be submitted by Friday, February 16. When ordering online our “Group Code is 709167” on the Gertrude Hawk Web site.  Please refer to the back of the brochure for easy instructions to order online. 

Please call the IV General Office at 215-256-8896 if you have any questions pertaining the the fundraiser.