IV Eagle Flyby - January 19th

Quick Hitters

Thank you to Danica Pascavage for working with our Girls in STEM this week.  A fantastic experience with Makey Makey for our future technological leaders.
8th grade student’s enrichment project presentations were a huge hit in ELA classes.  Awesome presentations by the students. 
Spelling Bee round 2 is officially on the way in all ELA classes.  Excited students are looking forward to the state competition.
Dr. Stacey Aronow, high school English teacher and advisor of award winning SAHS Arrowhead newspaper, met with interested 8th grade students about taking journalism in 9th grade and writing for and the Arrowhead newspaper.  Arrowhead co-editor and chief Julia Kim and Arrowhead social media editor Erin Fulkner accompanied Dr. Aronow with the presentation and discussion. Attending students are “pumped” about the journalism class.
8th grade science classes will take a science CDT benchmark on 1-22 and 1-23 in their science classes with Mr. Nogami and Mr. Herber.
Math enrichment blocks begin on 1-23 and will run on Days 3 and 6 of the cycle.  Enrichment topics are based on the benchmark assessment taken in December prior to the holiday break.  The second benchmark assessment is scheduled for March 1.
ELA benchmark assessments are scheduled for February 7 and 8.  
End of marking period 2 is Thursday, January 25.

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Upcoming Week of January 22, 2018:  

24-January-2018 – Teacher In-Service Day – No School for Students
25-January-2018 – End of 2nd Marking Period 
Looking beyond through the “Eye of the Eagle” … 
07-February-2018 – Parent Forum – 9:30 AM – Room E54
09-February-2018 – 6th Grade Anti-Bullying Assembly
26-February-2018 – Tickets go on sale for the IV Musical “Peter Panic” 
o All shows start at 7:00 p.m. 
Thursday, March 8
Friday, March 9
Saturday, March 10

Enjoy the weekend and the Eagles Flight to the Super Bowl! Fly Eagles Fly!  

“Wings UP Fly High!”