School Counselors Welcome Letter

Our names are Jen Toby and Lauren Ruth, and we are the school counselors here at Indian Valley. Jen is the counselor for students whose last names begin with the letters A-Lh, and Lauren will be the counselor for students whose last names being with the letters Li-Z. We are looking forward to a fantastic school year!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and also explain a bit about what we do as middle school counselors. Jen graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and attended West Chester University, where she earned her Master’s Degree in School Counseling. Lauren graduated from Moravian College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and attended Villanova University, where she earned her Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and School Counseling.

As school counselors, it is our mission to support our students in three aspects of their lives: career, academic, and personal/social. In order to do so, we meet with students individually and in small groups. We will be meeting with all 6th grade students individually and with new students in small groups in order to get to know the newest students at our school. In addition to teaching the Guidance Course for 8th grade students, which focuses on developing students’ career awareness and readiness, we also teach lessons on a variety of topics in larger, classroom-sized groups during the year.

We are also looking forward to talking to all students throughout the school year about prevalent topics on our segment, "Catching Up with Your School Counselors" on our very own IVTV Television Station! If you would like to learn more about the Middle School Counseling Program in the Souderton Area School District, please visit our Web site.

Partnering with families is of the utmost importance to us. By working together, we hope to even better support the success of our students in all aspects of their lives. We encourage you to contact us by calling or e-mailing at any point in the school year. Our contact information can be found below.

Thank you for supporting the school counseling program at Indian Valley Middle School, and we are looking forward to working with and getting to know you and your child.

Jen Toby & Lauren Ruth
Indian Valley Middle School Counselors

Jen Toby -
Lauren Ruth -
215-256-8896 (prompt #3 for counselors)