IV Eagle Flyby - June 1st

IV Weekend Eagle Flyby…...June 7, 2018 

A sensational year!  We wish the best to our Awesome 8th grade class as they head to SAHS in the fall.  Additionally, we look forward to our current 7th and 6th grade classes returning as 8th and 7th graders.  Lastly, we welcome our incoming 6th grade students from Oak Ridge, Salford Hills, and Vernfield Elementary schools in the fall.

The entire IV school community is grateful to all parents that helped to make this year Amazing!  Your support and help kept our “Wings Up and Flying High!” IV parents ROCK!

Just a quick reminder that IV will have Field Day on Monday, 6/11!  Please remind your children to bring sneakers, water bottles, and sunscreen.  All teams are encouraged to wear a team color to earn spirit points!

Synergy – Blue
Velocity – Orange
Squires – Yellow
Venetians – Purple
Mariner – Green
Adventurer – Red
We will wish the best to the IV teachers and building facilities and grounds crew that will be retiring at the end of this school year.  We thank them for all that they have done over their careers for the students and SASD community.
Mr. John Ochotny – Building Facilities and Grounds
Mr. Craig Kulp – Building Facilities Manager
Mrs. Debi Geissler – Special Education Teacher
Mrs. Laura Fling – ELA Teacher
Mrs. Nancy Cianchetta – Science Teacher
Last of the Quick Hitters:
11-June-2018 – Field Day
11-June-2018 – Early Dismissal – 1:00 PM
12-June-2018 – Last Day for Students – 10:00 AM Dismissal
10-August-2018 – Weekend Flyby Resumes for the 2018-2019

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Have the Fabulous Summer!
“Wings UP Fly High!”